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Found in 1992, Top Electronic Components Company Limited (TEC) has grown from a small trading firm to the manufacturer of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor. TEC has dedicated ourselves to satisfying our valued customer’s need by supplying them with reliable parts at the competitive cost.

In order to matching the market environment. TEC has invested in manufacturing by our own. Become one of the important partner of Shelcon brand aluminum electrolytic capacitor since 2007, we are the EXCLUSIVE SALES OFFICE for the INDIA market, mainly at the LED as well as the Mobile Phone charger industrial.

With the technical support by Japan, Shelcon brand electrolytic capacitor has the ability to produces the world smaller in size aluminum capacitor with super low ESR and high ripple current, and we got the patent for TiO2 capacitor manufacturing which can help our clients to minimize their products.

Company’s Mission

To achieve our clients in BOM solution by providing the good quality Electrolytic Capacitor at reasonable price.

Company’s Vision

To strive to be one of the greatest brand name in the industrial.


company profile

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